2021 PenMakers International MPG
April 24 and 25, 2021 - Virtual Symposium
Topics (Subject To Change)
Turning Using Carbide Tools
Color Casting
All Abount Casting
From Beginner To Professional In 90 Minutes
Sales And Marketing
Kitless On A Metal Lathe
Using a 3D Printer In Pen Making
Custom Pen Patterns on a Rose Engine
UV Resin / Craft Show Setup
Polymer Clay Blanks

Jim Harrington

I retired 14 years ago following a career of inventing and designing automation equipment for industry. Retired, I turned to woodturning to feed my creative nature. As I turned I would think of different ways to solve problems. The Grabber Mandrel was one of my earliest products and the result of wanting to turn a desk set for my wife. I was lucky enough to have developed a working relationship with Penn State Industries.

John Underhill

John had won many awards for his feather designs, including being judged top in his field by representatives of Pen World Magazine, Wood Turning Design and the American Assoc. of Wood turners.

Mark Dreyer

Mark been making pens for the past 20 years, starting back when the exotic woods were Kingwood and a very rare piece of cocobolo put on a gold slimline. The finish was wax sticks that you would press against the wood as hard as you could and then buff out with a cotton towel.

Mark has been demoing nationally, regionally, and locally in the Chicagoland area. He recently demoed at the AAW National symposium in Atlanta (2016) and Portland (2018).

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Ed Brown

Owner ExoticBlanks.com. Ed has been in the pen making business for over 30 years. His skill as a turner and knowledge of the industry is never shadowed.

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Featured Vendor
Stainless Steel Bottle Stoppers

Featured Demonstrator
Jim Harrington